Rub with Love Chicken Rub Chicken Salad


Rub with Love Chicken Rub Chicken Salad

1 Tablespoon tarragon, finely chopped
2 Tablespoon chives, finely sliced
1/8 Cup “Rub with Love” Chicken Rub
1/2 teaspoon black pepper, coarsely ground
1/4 Cup honey
Juice of one lime
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1/8 Cup dijon mustard
1/4 cup Mama Lil’s peppers, drained and roughly chopped
2 ribs celery chopped into small dice
4 slices cooked bacon roughly chopped
2 Cups mayonnaise
6 cups chicken roasted, cooled and cut into large dice

Mix first 13 items (base) in a bowl until combined, set aside. Place chicken in a large bowl and add base until the chicken is completely dressed but still holds firm.

Serve this chicken salad on your favorite sandwich bread, roll, cracker or mixed greens.

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Watch The Breach and Save Bristol Bay


Click here to watch The Breach and Save Bristol Bay

Watch award-winning documentary The Breach and help protect the storied wild salmon runs of Bristol Bay. 25% of every rental or sale will go to Save Bristol Bay.  Tom is a proud co-producer of The Breach and stars in the film.


Below is a quick and easy recipe from Tom Douglas, using Bristol Bay Wild Salmon – from a can!

Sockeye Salad Potatoes Kale Figs from Creative Media Alliance on Vimeo.

Get 10% off premium Wild Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Bellies by clicking right here.


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Our First Food Photography Class at the Hot Stove Society

Flotard HSS 4 (2)

The sublime Sarah Flotard taught a smashing photography class at Hot Stove Society! Check it out here.

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Gingerbread House at Dahlia Bakery

gingerbread house

This amazing gingerbread house, located in the window of Dahlia Bakery, was constructed by our super-talented pastry baker, Randy, who works in the Dahlia’s pastry kitchen.

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Taste of Iceland at the Dahlia Lounge/ by Kyle Johnson, Dahlia Sous Chef

iceland herschell brock and chef

Chef Ylfa and Chef Brock

This year, Dahlia Lounge hosted the third incarnation of “Taste of Iceland”, teaming up with Chef Ylfa Helgadóttir for a four course menu, showcasing ingredients, techniques and recipes from the country of our sister city of Reykjavik. We were shipped 120 kilos of lamb loins, 80 kilos of langoustine, 70 kilos of cod and 40 kilos of skyr yogurt, along with four pages of recipes to be translated into roughly 2000 plates of food over the course of four days. Other supplemental ingredients included: 50# of button mushrooms, 90# butter, 80# of rainbow carrots, 80# potatoes, 10 gallons of different aiolis, 5# of honey, 20# foraged oyster mushrooms, 50# arborio rice, 7# of salmon roe, 15 gallons of langoustine stock, 30# of seaweed salad, 20# baby squash and 10# of dill, to name a few.
There are a certain set of challenges that come with an operation of this scale.
First and foremost: working with a Chef that you’ve never met, whose food you’ve never seen or tasted and translating recipes that were drafted from their mind into metric weights (or no weights at all) with little recipe scaling information, was the first hurdle. Asking the right questions was imperative to executing our guest Chef’s vision as accurately as possible, and we were graciously given the answer to every question asked, despite Ylfa being in the midst of traveling around the world, executing the same menus in different cities (prior to Seattle, Ylfa was in Denver).

iceland use this

Second: with any large event like this (or with anything regarding the restaurant business), Murphy’s Law is BOUND to show up sometime. This time around: shipping. Our 120 kilos of lamb arrived, frozen, several days before prep work was to commence, giving us time to thaw and process the protein. Awesome. What wasn’t so awesome was that our 70 kilos of cod and 80 kilos of shell-on langoustine got bumped from their scheduled flight from Iceland to Seattle, and then had to clear customs. What was set to arrive late Monday night, showed up Wednesday morning, still frozen and in need of fabrication. Cod needed to be thawed, cleaned, cured for three hours, soaked in water for three hours and delicately poached. Langoustines- which look like mini lobster tails- need to be carefully removed from their hellaciously spiny little shells, cleaned of their digestive tract like a shrimp (affectionately referred to as the “poop”) and packed between linens to keep them pristine until the time they are to be cooked.
Third: Dahlia was in the midst of a wicked bout of the flu, with most of the kitchen staff needing to stay home and mend, including Chef Brock. Luckily, people were getting ill and recovering at different rates, and we have some of the most badass cooks around that will do whatever it takes to make sure that things like the Taste of Iceland are a success. So, we were able to cover necessary shifts, as well as get the necessary prep done in the nick of time, solely due to the tenacity and hard work of some of the best cooks in the city. I love and admire the team here more than words can adequately convey, and we could not operate as a successful, iconic Seattle restaurant without their hard work and dedication to their craft. Thank you SO much!



Despite all of the hurdles that we were presented with, team Dahlia and Chef Helgadóttir were able to bring smiles to the faces of our friends and guests, as well as ourselves. The taste of Iceland has been a blast for us to host for the last three years, and I look forward to seeing what types of challenges and opportunities the next three years have in store!


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Newaukum Valley Farm Dinner

outdoor table brian

Cantina Leña Chef Brian Walczyk cooked a glorious dinner with Black Sheep Creamery at Newaukum Valley Farm last weekend.  Also working on this dinner: “bartender-chef hybrid” Brian Madayag.

sign brian

Here’s the menus that the lucky guests at this very special farm to table event enjoyed:

cultured pumpkin butter, ancho chile, apple

dahlia bakery ficelle

gravenstein apple whiskey press

tomatoes brian

lamb loin carpaccio

pickled peppers, heirloom tomato, mint

grilled merguez sausage

coal roasted newaukum vegetables, harissa

fremont brewing summer ale

fire brian

slow roasted lamb leg

masienda landrace corn tamale

braised greens, shaved radish

h.i.p. cabernet sauvignon, benton city

dessert br9aj

newaukum valley beet ice cream, pistachio cake, fresh sheep cheese, apple caramel

If you missed out on this dinner, keep your eye on the events page, or check out the deliciousness Chef Brian is cooking up at Cantina Leña anytime!

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Prosser Farm Dinner

plating bluefoot chicken confit

Our most recent Prosser Farm Dinner, one of the last few of the season, was an outstanding success! This dinner was a collaboration between Prosser Farm Chef Dev, Prosser Farmer-in-Chief Jackie, and Tom Douglas Restaurants Corporate Chef Adrienne.
The dinner also turned into a family event for Adrienne. Her mom, along with 3 girlfriends, attended as guests. In addition, Adrienne cooked the dinner with her husband Zack (who has also worked as a professional chef), and, surprisingly, this is the first time they have ever cooked a plated meal together even though they met in culinary school and have been a couple for many years!


Of course, Dev also worked hard on this dinner, and he created the recipes for the amuse and the snacks. Adrienne created the rest of the recipes. Dev claims he was yelled at by Adrienne for not plating correctly. (Adrienne did not dispute this). Jackie, as always, was amazing throughout the event, and housekeeper Carmen kept everything sparkling!

Here’s the menu:

snacks and champagne


First course (deviled farm eggs and snacking peppers)

a tasting of our farm eggs, snacking peppers, jacobsen sea salt

heirloom tomatoes, creme fraiche, caviar

Eggplant gazpacho

chilled eggplant gazpacho, grapes almonds

neah bay salmon, rattlesnake beans, herb fume, edible flowers

confit  blue foot chicken, yukina savoy, cipollini vinaigrette, melon

“ratatouille,” marjoram scented pasta, fairytale eggplant

blueberry sage ice

gateau mille crepe, estate pear butter, pastry cream, hazelnuts


This elaborate, multi-course, farm-fresh dinner was served with Roederer Brut Champagne, Orr Old Vine Chenin Blanc, Columbia Valley 2014, Amavi Semillon, Walla Walla 2014, and Cadence Coda, Red Mountain 2013.

Adrienne says, putting on an elaborate plated meal like this is a lot of f***ing work! But worth it!
Her favorite dish was the salmon, partly because she loves making fish fumet which is almost a lost art in modern restaurants. When the meal was over and the guests were gone, the working staff enjoyed all the rest of the paddlefish caviar on blini and Jackie opened a magnum of Roederer!

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News from Prosser Farm/ by Dev Patel, Farm Chef and Manager

fairy tale eggplant

Just picked these baby Fairy Tale eggplants! NEW for us this season, although a well known variety for the past few years.

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Tom’s Letter, July 2015


Our Dahlia Lounge Croquet Tournament & Lawn Party is sneaking right up- just 3 weeks away now.  Gary Howse and his team at Gary Manuel Salon started this event 30 years ago, and I was thinking of him recently as we all begin to polish up our mallets and tune up our stopwatches.

My good friend Charlie Billow and I are chairing the capital campaign for the new Food Lifeline warehouse, the beneficiary of the Lawn Party. We have a 34 million dollar goal and are 51% funded.  We absolutely need your help to  get to the finish line through participation in this event, or maybe even in a more grand way later this year.

I was having dinner with my mother back in Newark, Delaware recently. Over the years and over frequent visits, Grandma Mary, as my daughter knows her, has always greeted me at the red door of her home with a splendid smile, a small smooch on the cheek, and a knowing, sideways smirk absolutely meant to suggest I need a haircut.

We were out to dinner with the whole family at a sweet little restaurant called William and Merry just outside of Newark.  I’m just minding my own business, but being my usual charming self, when I happened to mention that – yes, for real,  I did need a haircut.  A great man, the founder of the Croquet Tournament, my friend and hairstylist Gary tragically passed away last year. We had been trading haircuts for dinners for the better part of 35 years. The word ‘hairstylist’ caught my mother’s ears, and she whipped her head towards me and said…”Did you say ‘hairstylist’?” Well, yes I did, Mom.

Read the rest of Tom’s letter here.

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The Brave Horse Tavern team has some thoughts on the matter.

We asked some trusted beer drinking servers, bartenders and managers what their favorite summer brewskies were and we’ve got the list for you:


Cucumber Crush

“Refreshing, slightly sour with a nice fresh cucumber flavor. Cools you off on a hot day, low ABV so it is sessionable too!”- Jennifer Krantz, Server



“Nice and light, a low ABV, balanced malt and hop characters. Perfect for the hot weather Seattle is experiencing!”- Chris Field, Sous Chef


Double Dry-Hopped Imperial IPA

“Hop forward with a nice balance of bitterness and grapefruit aromas. This rich IPA is big, bold and isn’t sessionable. Enjoy this beer from one of the oldest independent craft breweries on the west coast.” – Dave Hurley, Bartender


½ Dry Cider & ½ Ace Pineapple Cider

“ Firstly, it’s gluten-free! When you mix the dry with the pineapple, the sweetness of the pineapple balances out the dryness of the Dry Cider. The Ace Pineapple Cider also makes a great champagne cocktail.” – Anja Weddig, Bartender


Urtica Wild Nettle Ale

“Only available at Farmer’s Markets and a few bottle shops, they use brettanomyces and finish their beers with fresh herbs which gives the beer a sour flavor, clean finish and a unique complexity from the herbs.”- Jessica Polin, Server


Cherry Sour

“Bright, sour, vibrant, pronounced cherry aroma that finishes dry as a bone. This is my favorite summer beer right now!” – Joe Labatt, Chef


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