2030 Fifth Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 448-2001

4:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Daily ~ Reservations for parties of 6+

Dinner MENU


  • puget sound black mussels roasted in the fire~pickled cauliflower, coriander-peppercorn butter, orange peel  15.
  • wood grilled chicken wings~coriander cream   12.
  • tamworth prosciutto~chestnut, buffalo milk mozzarella, pear, arugula  15.
  • crispy fried pig tails~cabbage, honey-smoked chili glaze, buttermilk blue dressing  14.
  • caramelized cauliflower~chantrelle mushroom, ricotta, hazelnut pesto, pickled grape  13.
  • coal roasted brussels sprouts~carmelized apple, bacon, cider  13.
  • "plin" a piedmontese style ravioli~filled with roast pork and chard 15/20.
  • seared rhode island squid~'nduja, lemon peel, purple potato, last summer's shishito  13.
  • breaded pork cutlet~chicken liver mousse, smoked pumpkin-apple jam, onion pickle 14.
  • palace olive poppers~herbed sour cream 11.
  • goat cheese and lavender fondue~wood grilled bread, fuji apples 12.
  • little grilled alaskan weathervane scallops~fatali superhot aioli, citrus, avocado, watercress  16.
  • chips & fish~fried yellow finn potato, mackerel, anchovy, oyster leaf, rouille 13.
  • josh hyatt's acorn squash~charred bitter greens, grape must, olive oil, parmesan  13.
  • dahlia bakery bread~california arbequina olive oil, balsamic, picholine  3.


Salads and Soups

  • enormous garlic crouton and romaine lettuce~with parmesan dressing  12.
  • treviso~hazelnut oil, beecher's cheddar, apple, lemon  13.
  • bibb lettuce~buttermilk, tarragon, radish, mint  12.
  • warm marinated beets~queen anne british stilton, spicy almond relish  13.
  • onion soup vaguely in the style of oignon soupe~beef broth, gruyere butter, crouton  12.

hand crafted cheese

  • dinah's~soft ripened cow's milk
  • pt reyes toma~semi-firm cow's milk
  • sawtooth~semi-soft aged raw cow's milk
  • humboldt fog~goat's milk
  • bleu d'auvergne~raw cow's milk blue


  • handmade tagliarini~tomato braised broccoli raab, pecorino, cracked olive, barley-mushroom-flax "meatballs"  23.
  • japanese pumpkin stuffed with bread pudding~yarmuth fresh goat cheese, winter greens, almond, hinkelhatz hot sauce, pickled prosser peppers, chanterelles  23.
  • roasted snake river farms pork loin~winter sausage, spatzle with emmentaler & carmelized onion, parsnip, carrot, baby bulls blood greens, parsley  28.
  • palace burger royale~1/2 pound of handground oregon country natural chuck, dahlia bakery onion bun, fries  18.
  • pan roasted dutch harbor true cod~fennel-potato chowder, celery root, escarole, leek, cream, smoked chopped manila clam  27.


served with our farms greens and mashed yukon potatoes

  • rotisserie chicken~cranberry jam  25.
  • oregon country flat iron steak~bleu cheese-charred leek butter, pomegranate  32.
  • whole idaho trout~shaved radish, caper, fresh herbs  27.


  • mama dev's chicken tikka masala~black cardamom, tomato cream, grilled naan  15.