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Dinner MENU


tabasco mignonette and lemon


  • dahlia bakery bread  2.5
butter, olive tapenade, fleur de sel
  • tom's tuna sashimi  17
green onion pancake, tobiko
  • steamed dungeness crab  25/40
lemon, drawn butter
  • penn cove mussels  14
coriander broth, fried chickpeas, grilled bread
  • steamed manila clams  15
brown ale, house bratwurst, grain mustard-pretzel crumbs
  • salt and pepper fried calamari  13
jalapeno, lime, roasted chili aioli
  • warm spring vegetables  12.5
herbed fromage blanc, green garlic vinaigrette

soup and salads

  • creamy clam chowder  7.5/9.5
bacon, parsley oil
  • curried tomato soup  6.5/8.5
spicy fried chickpeas
  • iceberg wedge salad 9.5
pickled apples, sunchoke chips, blue cheese dressing
  • dungeness crab salad 17
butter lettuce, avocado, grapefruit, nuoc cham
  • local baby lettuces  10
radish, parmesan, lemon, sea salt
  • baby spinach  9.5
bacon, curried cashews, sesame dressing


  • sauteed asparagus, lemon  6.5
  • buttery lacinato kale, green garlic 6.5
  • hand cut french fries  5.5
  • smoked onion rings, romesco ketchup  6.5
  • green cabbage slaw, malt vinegar dressing  4.5
  • cornbread pudding, carmelized onions, cheddar  5.5
  • dahlia bakery bread, butter, fleur de sel 2.5

house specialty

this dish inspired our "rub with love" spice rub and sauce line that's now sold across america

  • ETTA's "Rub with Love" SALMON    23.5/28.5
    grilled wild coho salmon*, asparagus, cornbread pudding, shiitake relish



  • alaskan halibut  23.5
    asparagus dashi, pea vines, radish/cucumber relish
  • dungeness crab cakes  21.5/35.5
    black kale hash, house andouille sausage, old bay aioli
  • cider braised boneless beef shortribs  26.5
    green garlic kale, smoked onion rings, romesco ketchup
  • northwest seafood and coconut soup 30.5
    salmon, clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari, crab, house sambal
  • sweet pea cavatelli pasta 21.5  add dungeness crab  31.50
    brown butter carrots puree, sauteed pea vines, bread crumbs
  • washington beef double double burger  15.5
  • stacked with smoked beecher's jack, slaw, and special sauce
  • pacific albacore tuna  23.5
  • olive-roman gnocchi, grilled rapini, salsa verde


green cabbage slaw and french fries

  • true cod fish and chips kodiak, alaska  14.5
  • wild caught shrimp baja, mexico  18.5
  • pacific oysters eld inlet, washington  16.5
  • fish fry combo 1 piece cod, 2 shrimp, 2 oysters  17.5