2001 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 682-4142

Lunches: Mon-Fri: 11:30am-2:30pm | Brunch: Sat and Sun 9am-2pm | Dinners: Mon-Thurs: 5pm-10pm, Fri-Sat: 5pm-11pm, Sun: 5pm-9pm

Lunch MENU

Appetizers (Some items not available during restaurant week)

  • Leafy greens simply dressed with lemon, parmesan, herbs, and goat cheese crostini  11.
  • Prosser farm plate tomatoes, charred padron pepperes, basil, buttermilk dresesing  12.
  • Sheep's milk feta cheese poached bing cherry, shaved fennel, mint, pistachio  12.
  • Heirloom melon chili oil, country ham, shiso  13.
  • Beef tartare hot pepper salad, worcestershire, fresh oregano, 1000 island  14.
  • Handmade gnocchetti pasta brown butter, bacon, walnut, pickled shallot  12.
  • Tom's tomato soup brown butter croutons, chives  6/9.
  • Today's tasty soup  6/9.
  • Dahlia bakery bread sweet cream butter, ben jacobsen sea salt  3.




  • Made to order doughnuts with seasonal jam and vanilla mascarpone  10.
  • Triple coconut cream pie white chocolate, toasted coconut 10.
  • Vanilla creme caramel puffed rice krispies  10.
  • Coconut macaroon  2.
  • Vanilla bean custard eclair  4.
  • Chocolate truffle cookie 3.
  • Nectarine-plum sorbet  8.
  • Bittersweet chocolate gelato  8.
  • Vanilla ice cream  8.

MAINS (some items and to go orders not available during restaurant week)

  • Fried chicken chopped salad new crop apple, celery, golden raisins, fried almonds, cider vinaigrette  16.
  • Flat iron steak cobb salad gorgonzola, bacon, avocado, soft egg, tomato, green goddess dressing* 17.
  • Tuscan grilled bread salad pesto, olives, mozzarella, spicy capocollo, and cup of soup  15.
  • Deyki's tibetan platter bacon-beef tingmo and eggplant tingmo, potato-mushroom samo, noodle salad  15.
  • Roasted turkey sandwich cranberry sauce, cream cheese, sage-onion bun, brussels sprouts salad  16.
  • Neah bay king salmon washington corn, foraged chanterelles, crawford blueberry, thyme  25.
  • Dungeness crabcake delicata squash, lacinato kale, toasted pepitas, sultanas, romesco  23.
  • Alaskan ling cod fingerling potato, braised peppers, olive, breadcrumb, tomato sauce, sherry vinegar  22.
  • House cheeseburger white cheddar, onion bun, heirloom tomato, special sauce, hand cut fries  17.
  • Beecher's grilled cheese wendy's potato bread, cucumeber-melon salad, tomato soup  14.
  • add sliced ham 3.