About Tom & JACKIE

In 1989, when Tom, along with his wife and partner, Jackie Cross, opened their first and flagship restaurant, the Dahlia Lounge, in downtown Seattle, they never dreamed that, 20-some years later they would be running a sizeable group of successful and diverse businesses employing almost a thousand people.

Tom says, “Deliciousness served with graciousness is the axis of our mission statement; everything we do starts there and gets better.”  The persistent expansion of the company is not surprising given Tom’s enthusiasm for growing the business, for making it better, more profitable, and more successful, while always keeping an eye out for bigger and more exciting projects. Tom’s leadership and vision are fundamental to the company.  Something else Tom likes to say: “No one can out-effort us.” 

Jackie Cross, Tom Douglas’ wife and business partner, has been involved in all aspects of the company from managing the floor at their first restaurant, the Dahlia Lounge, more than 20 years ago, to running the couple’s 20-acre farm in Prosser today.   Jackie has had a crucial say in decision-making from concept to menu to ambiance for every one of the Tom Douglas Restaurants.  Her innate sense of design has been an invaluable asset for the restaurants, as Jackie is often tasked with making the final choices on everything from the paint color, lighting fixtures, and artwork in the room to the china, flatware, and glasses on the tables.

In 2012, Tom was awarded Outstanding Restaurateur by the James Beard Foundation, one of three James Beard awards Tom has won. (The other two Beard awards are Best Chef Northwest in 1994 and Best Americana Cookbook for Tom Douglas’ Seattle Kitchen in 2001.)  Also in 2012, Tom was named Executive of the Year by Puget Sound Business Journal.         

Tom and Jackie live in Seattle, Washington, as does their daughter, Loretta Douglas, who now attends the University of Washington School of Law.