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Breakfast MENU

Selected Beverages

  • Sparkling mimosa 9
  • House made jalapêno infused vodka Bloody Mary 10.50
  • Cranberry royale fresh press cranberry juice, st germaine, sparkling wine  10.50



  • Lola breakfast two eggs, choice of pork-maple sausage or smoked bacon, smashed garlic fried potatoes, toast 15.75
  • House made granola greek yogurt, fresh fruit 12.50
  • Continental choice of dahlia bakery pastry, toast, fresh fruit, coffee, choice of fresh squeezed juice 15.75
  • Made to order doughnuts seasonal jam, vanilla mascarpone 9.50
  • Eggs benedict bavarian meats ham, dill hollandaise, smashed garlic fried potatoes 19.25
  • House cured gravlax chive cream cheese, tomatoes, capers, onion rye ficelle 16.75
  • A stack of golden brown pancakes and pork-maple sausage, vanilla mascarpone, maple syrup 15.75
  • Tom’s favorite breakfast mediterranean octopus, roasted peppers, potatoes, prosser tomatoes, harissa yogurt, sunny side egg*, toast  19.50
  • Summer scramble corn, bacon, scallions, jack cheese, garlic fried potatoes, toast  13.50
  • Steel cut oatmeal flax seed, fresh blueberries, honey, candied pistachios 11.50
  • Omelette alvarez summer squash, manouri cheese, capers, basil, garlic fried potatoes, toast  13.75


  • House made pork-maple sausage 7.25
  • Bavarian meats smoked bacon 5.25
  • Smashed garlic-fried potatoes 5.25
  • Dahlia bakery toast and jam 4.25
  • Two eggs any style 5.25 add cheese 2
  • Bowl of fresh fruit 5.25
  • House made kalamata fig~lemon scone 4.25
  • House made seasonal muffin 3.25


  * A friendly message from the health department: Certain menu items may contain raw or undercooked animal products or may be unpasteurized.  Such items may increase your risk of foodborne ilness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. *

20% service charge: 100% of these funds are distributed to our team in the form of wages, sales commissions, benefits and revenue share. Thank you for dining with us, we appreciate it.