Serious Pie Virginia Pizza Class

Serious Pie Virginia Pizza Class

PRICE: $50.00

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DATE: 05/06/2017
TIME: 9:50am
LOCATION: Serious Pie Virginia

We’re offering a rare chance to get into the kitchen at Serious Pie Virginia!

The pie is serious, but the class is all about learning and fun.

Join us as we open our kitchen to customers who want to learn more about the pizza and the specialty ingredients that make the pizza so good (except the dough recipe... that’s a secret).

Hands on instruction includes: stretching and shaping Serious Pie’s famous rectangular dough into your own unique pizza topped with your choice of locally sourced ingredients. Then it’s off to the apple wood burning oven where you’ll observe the skill of baking and turning your own pizzas in order to achieve the perfect crust.

Classes are limited to 12 people. Price includes the instruction, pizza and a glass of wine.

Tickets are non-refundable. No physical tickets will be sent, but upon purchase, an email confirmation will be sent. For more information contact Sarah at

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