Bjordagur - Beer Day at the Carlile Room

Bjordagur - Beer Day at the Carlile Room

DATE: 03/01/2017
TIME: 4:00pm - Close
LOCATION: The Carlile Room

Prohibition wasn’t fully relaxed in Iceland until March 1, 1989 when full strength beer was finally allowed.  Imagine a life without beer and a shot to go with your lamb hot dog!? Come celebrate the fall of Icelandic prohibition at the Carlile Room with Brennivin and Borg Brugghus.
Drink Specials and Drinking Snacks including lamb hot dogs! Skal!

Drinking ~
  • Brennivin: Ice Cold Classic  7.
  • Brennivin: 80th Anniversary 12.
  • Geysir:  Brennivin, Malted Barley, Grilled Orange  10.
  • Extrakt  10.
  • American Beer:  All Beers on Tap  5.
  • Borg Brugghus: Ulfrun #34 Session IPA  7.
Drinking Snacks ~
  • Eina Med Ollu: Lamb Hot Dog, Crispy Fried Onion, Sweet Mustard, Remoulade  7.
  • Hardfiskur: Dried Cod, Salted Butter  3.
  • Rug12braud:  Rye Toast, Carlile Pickles, Skyr  5.
  • Hladbord:  Board for the Table  13.


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