Work Release 8 at the Carlile Room

Work Release 8 at the Carlile Room

PRICE: $75.00 (includes all drink pairings, service and tax)

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DATE: 03/15/2017
TIME: 7:00pm
LOCATION: The Carlile Room

Downtown Seattle:
Work Release is a Dinner Series by Line Cooks, Sous Chefs, and Chefs de Cuisines from around town who want to cook something outside their normal house of employment.  Chef Dezi of the Carlile Room asked them: "Work in a French bistro but want to make dumplings?  Ultra-fine dining all week got you in the mood to fry chicken on the weekend?  Or are you ready to try your hand at avante garde vegetarian Sri Lankan cuisine?  Nothing is off Limits."

We invite you to come taste something unexpected from the cooks you know and love.
Without further ado The Carlile Room presents Work Release.

Join us for Round 8 as our good friends Bruce Miyahara and  Darryl Duke team up for a "reverse-yoshoku" take on kaiseki: Japanese tradition with a NW twist, plus pairings by The Carlile Room’s own beverage sensei, Nick Jarvitos.

The Menu ~

Oyster, Daikon Kimchi, Yuzu
~ with ~
Big Gin Sake-Tini

Tofu Pocket, Quinoa, Brown, and Puffed Wild Rice, Mizuna, Tofu Miso Vinaigrette, Black Sesame

Yaki Onigiri Ochazuke
Smoked Teriyaki Salmon, Griddled Umeboshi Rice Cake, Buckwheat Tea
~ with ~
Umeboshi Spritz

Kasu Tako
Cedar River Sake Kasu Grilled Octopus, Kewpie Kasu Celeriac, Shichimi Togarashi
~ with ~
Cedar River Sake Greenwood Basement Junmai

Porcini Egg Custard, Buna-Shimeji, Grilled Shiitake, Onion Rings

Tsukemen Bento Platter
Kamonegi Soba Gnocchi, Duck Meatballs, Duck Dashi, Leek, Pickles
~ with ~
Fancy Glass of Rainier

Cherry Sherry Aisu, Marconas
~ with ~
Sherry Cask Whisky

About Bruce and Darryl ~
After nine years toiling in Tom Douglas culinary camps and Hot Stove Society intensives, Bruce and Darryl have learned from and cooked with the best (including Tom, Eric Tanaka, Dezi, Mark Fuller, Mutsuko Soma, Brian Walczyk, and Brock Johnson), created hands-on pop-up dining events such as Poultrygeist, and organized Seattle Foodies First Friday Lunch Club Series.

Please contact Amy at with any questions

We hope to see you at Work Release 8!  

ARTWORK BY: Patrick Nguyen

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