A Taste of Iceland

A Taste of Iceland

PRICE: $65

DATE: 10/10/2013
TIME: All night
LOCATION: Dahlia Lounge

Enjoy authentic Icelandic cuisine at the Dahlia Lounge as award-winning Icelandic guest chef, Thrainn Freyr Vigfusson collaborates with American chef, Brock Johnson to offer diners a special menu showcasing fresh ingredients sourced directly from Iceland.

This dinner will be available October 10th-13th


Herring & Gala Apple
Reyka Cured Salmon & Chives
Torched Langoustine, Spruce & Horseradish
"Hardfiskur" Icelandic Dried Fish
Smoked Icelandic Arctic Char & Cucumber

Fish Course
Wild Caught Icelandic Cod
pan fried lightly salted cod served with glazed carrots, Icelandic rye bread crumbles and citrus sauce

Main Course
Icelandic Free Range Lamb
wood grilled loin of lamb glazed with huckleberries served with brown celeriac, dried grapes, Holmquist Farms hazelnuts and dill infused oil

Icelandic Skyr and Wild Blueberries
skyr lemon, ice cream served with peanut blueberry mousse spicy crumble, lemon thyme marshmallows and wild blueberries
(skyr is a cultured dairy product unique to Iceland- a staple since the Vikings)

FOR RESERVATIONS, call the Dahlia Lounge at (206)682.4142

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