Hangout with Tom Douglas All November

Hangout with Tom Douglas All November

DATE: 11/01/2012
TIME: During the Whole Month of November

Tom is racing all around our fair nation and state to sign and personalize books, talk schnecken and poke fun at the differences between bakers and cooks. Check out his upcoming gigs for opportunities to taste autumn pear tarts, learn how to make perfect puff pastry at home, gain confidence in your own skills, and decorate holiday cookies like a pro.

Please note that events times and locations are subject to change—please check the venue websites directly to confirm details.

November 26
WREL Radio interview
8:00am CST

November 29, Chicago
Mancow Show interview
7:00am CST

November 29, Chicago
Kitchen Chat Radio podcast
9:30am CST

November 29, Chicago
WCIB Radio interview
10:30am CST

November 29, Chicago
Macy’s Downtown Chicago demo and booksigning
12:00pm CST

November 29, Chicago
Kendall College booksigning
3:00pm CST

November 30, Chicago
WGN TV9 demo
10:00am PST

December 1, Seattle
City Kitchen booksigning
2:00pm PST

December 2, Bainbridge Island
Town & Country Market booksigning
2:00pm PST

December 2, Bainbridge Island
Eagle Harbor booksigning
3:00pm PST

December 3, Redmond
Microsoft demo and booksigning
12:00pm PST

December 3, Seattle
Third place Books booksigning
7:00pm PST

December 4, Seattle
Palace Ballroom Cookbook Social booksigning and party
4:00pm PST

Stay tuned for more opportunities to eat peanut butter sandwich cookies!

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