Our Favorite Products This Week/ by Shelley Lance, Blog Editor


Thaifusion Peanut Sauce-  Inspired by this Saveur recipe, I took a bottle of peanut sauce home from Home Remedy to make grilled chicken salad for dinner.  Using the Saveur recipe as a rough guideline, I proceeded to  shred some green cabbage, chop a few romaine leaves, julienne some snow peas, julienne ¼ of a red pepper, and cut up ¼ of a large cucumber into thin sticks.  I piled all of this into 2 shallow soup bowls. If I there had been a lime in the house, I would have squeezed it over the salads. Since I didn’t have a lime, I sprinkled a little Red Boat Fish Sauce (which is amazing stuff, and you can get it at Home Remedy, but it’s optional here since there’s a ton of flavor in the peanut sauce) and a little rice vinegar over each salad.  Meanwhile I grilled a large chicken breast. When the chicken was cooked, I sliced it and divided it between the two salads and added half a hard-boiled egg to each and topped everything with some sliced scallion and cilantro leaves. Here’s the big time saver: I didn’t have to assemble the 12 ingredients needed to make Saveur’s recipe for peanut sauce!  I just opened the jar of Thaifusion and spooned it over the vegetables and the chicken. 

march 25 pic final

This easy, delicious dinner took me no more than a half hour to put on the table. (You could make an even faster version by purchasing whatever salad veggies you like and some roasted and shredded chicken from the Home Remedy salad bar, then dressing it with the peanut sauce.)  I was impressed by the layers of flavor in the Thaifusion sauce that comes from fresh ground dry roasted peanuts, coconut milk, red curry paste, lemongrass, galangal, shrimp paste, and just enough chilies to give a pleasant, mild heat.  This product line is made in Seattle by former local restaurant chef, Toi Borthwick, and her Thai family.

Owl’s Brew Cocktail Mixers- This product was reviewed by Marketing Maven Katie Okumura. Katie says:  “I always seem to have a few bottles of booze around the house and nothing to mix with it.  It’s a conundrum that none of my friends has sympathy for.  Rightly so. Luckily, Home Remedy understands my issue and has started selling Owl’s Brew, which is precisely the thing I need to have on hand in my fridge for when I’m hankering for a cocktail at home.  I’m not opposed to drinking a whiskey neat or with an ice cube, but sometimes you want something with a bit more pizzazz.

katie owls brew

The other night I came home with my new bottle of Owl’s Brew and pulled out a bottle of Sapphire Gin, followed the very simple directions of 2:1 mixer to booze, et voila! Cocktail!”

Mishima Furikake-Home Remedy Line Cook Melissa Smith says the “pod cooks” (the people who cook the Home Remedy rice bowls, etc) refer to this Japanese condiment as the “shaky stuff.”  Our cooks make puffed rice by dehydrating rice then carefully popping it in hot oil. Then the puffed rice is mixed with Mishima Furikake and sprinkled over your rice bowls.  Watch for Melissa’s blog post next week on how to use furikake in your home kitchen, but meanwhile we’ll just mention it makes a tasty topping sprinkled right out of the jar onto a bowl of steamed rice, hot buttered popcorn, or  udon soup.

mar 24 quadruple

Steelhead Root Beer-  We’re building out our root beer selection with hard to find handcrafted gems like this one from Eugene, Oregon, that’s flavored with honey and vanilla.  Home Remedy Cook Jen Metcalf says this is her favorite because it smells amazing, the vanilla flavor is really good, and it’s sweet enough without being super sugary.

King Caramel– Handmade on Vashon Island, these caramels have a classic old fashioned buttery taste.  Home Remedy manager Tobias Barr likes the velvety smooth melt–in-your mouth texture that never sticks to your teeth.  These come individually wrapped (as well as in pretty gift boxes) so you can treat yourself to a sweet pick me up anytime.

Flower Bouquet from Zinnia Bench  Spring is here! March and April showers are bringing us new flowers so be sure to add a bouquet for yourself or your sweetie to the Home Remedy grocery list. Market bouquets are available every day, or the Zinnia Bench team can make something lovely just for you (for custom orders contact rachelm@tomdouglas.com).

March 24th, 2014

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  1. Carol Says:

    Great inspiration! I went to Home Remedy and picked up the peanut sauce, some greens from the salad bar and added red peppers, green onions and asparagus from my refrigerator. Cooked up some chicken and it was indeed a quick and delicious dinner. Thanks for the idea, Shelley!

  2. ShelleyL Says:

    That makes me so happy, Carol!

  3. Sonia Says:

    I bought a jar of the Thai Fusions sauce from Wholefoods – it’s the tastiest and most authentic Thai sauce – delicious!!!!

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