Executive Chef Eric Tanaka Blogs from Montreal! Lawrence Restaurant

After a three hour hike up, around, and back down Mont Royal, I was starving! Danica loves hiking, but I need to remember to stay away from anything with mount, mont or mountain in it; it’s not good!


There was a silver lining in that I got to brunch at Lawrence. Hipsters effortlessly jumping between French and English reminds me of how bilingual I am not. However the content of their conversation was hopelessly dorky. Grafitti washed off a business is not cool, it’s irritating.


Anyway, deviled beef kidneys, arugula and a cognac meat sauce help you forget about how many times somebody has graffitied your delivery trucks. Arugula and offal seems to be the go to set here in Montreal; the night before I had lamb hearts with arugula, who knew?



Lemon curd donuts, should be eaten delicately or they explode curd everywhere. Thank you Danica for demonstrating how not to do it.


A celery root and oyster mushroom casserole finished out our wonderful post mountain hike.

October 15th, 2013

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  1. Frank Says:

    What, no pied du cochon?

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