COMING SOON! Assembly Hall

Assembly Hall, operated by the Tom Douglas Restaurant Group, is an exciting urban marketplace featuring TanakaSan, a restaurant and bar, Assembly Hall Juice and Coffee, and Home Remedy, a market and deli, as well as a bread bakery, a flower store and a shopping gallery, all anchoring the ground floor of the swanky new Via 6 apartment complex at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Lenora Street in Seattle, WA!

TanakaSan is a modern American Asian restaurant with a friendly, casual, high-spirited vibe that hits the spot for brunch, lunch, and dinner.  TanakaSan has a playful but seriously delicious menu.  The menu is a reflection of the life history and sensibilities of Tom Douglas Restaurants longtime Executive Chef and Partner, Eric Tanaka.  The menu features soulful, slurpy bowls of ramen, as well as savory meat, fish and veggie robata skewers hot off the charcoal grill.  Order a libation from the smart drink menu of craft cocktails and fascinating Japanese sakes.

Looking for a clean, green blast of energy?  Head right over to Assembly Hall Juice and Coffee!  Choose from a deliciously nutritious menu of freshly juiced fruit and vegetables or blended-to-order smoothies.  Perch on a stool, settle in at a table near the fireplace, or pick up a handmade energy bar and take a beverage to go for your bike commute.  The nearby Kitchen Counter offers up plates of sunny eggs and skillet-crisped rotisserie hash, or you can savor a warm, hearth-fired pie of golden yeasted dough stuffed with scrambled eggs, smoky bacon and cheddar.  On the go?  Grab a cup of coffee with one hand, and a warm paper-wrapped PB&J coffee cake in the other.

Home Remedy is 2,000 square feet of market and deli packed with ready to eat and prepared foods, grab n’ go, and beverages to make downtown living deliciously convenient Tom Douglas style.  Prepared foods at Home Remedy are handcrafted daily by Tom Douglas cooks and  bakers.  Pick up lunch or dinner entrees like creamy, oozy mac and cheese, Seatown’s flaky pot pies, and Etta’s fresh Dungeness crab cakes ready to eat or to take home and heat.  Home Remedy offers an abundance of delectables to gather up for that sexy soiree in your apartment, or just order a beautifully arranged party tray of mouth-watering treats.  Did you forget to buy a carton of milk, a pack of batteries, or a tube of toothpaste from the grocery, hardware or drug store?  Don’t worry; Home Remedy stocks a few sundries too!

There’s more to Assembly Hall than drinking, eating and shopping for food.  Be sure to stop by the Zinnia Garden Bench for a fresh bouquet and browse through a few of our favorite things in the eclectic shopping gallery.



May 31st, 2013

15 Responses to “COMING SOON! Assembly Hall”

  1. anita Says:

    Where is this?

  2. ShelleyL Says:

    On the ground floor of the Via 6 apartment complex, downtown Seattle, on 6th avenue between Blanchard and Lenora.

  3. Jake Says:

    I’m incredibly excited about all these things since I live a few blocks away! Home Remedy sounds particularly intriguing for those nights where I just cannot decide what to eat! This stuff can’t open up fast enough!

  4. ShelleyL Says:

    That’s great, Jake! We’re incredibly excited too!

  5. BarbaraH Says:

    Tom Douglas rules Seattle! Now how about a little love for the eastside?

  6. Cindy Says:

    Agree with BarbaraH, when will Tom come to the eastside?

  7. Amy B Says:

    Although I live in West Seattle, I often come downtown and this sounds like a place I want to visit! TanakaSan will be high on my list (I love Japanese and other Asian food), and so will Assembly Hall.
    And as a side note: Tom Douglas rocks! My husband has many food allergies, onion being a really nasty one, and when we moved to Seattle in 2003 and discovered Tom’s Rubs With Love, they were life savers! Most of them don’t include onion, and therefore we can use them freely, which we do!

  8. Carole Herrin Says:

    We’re starving over here in Kirkland. Please come to the eastside!

  9. beth H. Says:

    Agree with Barbara and Tom. Please, please, please come to the eastside soon. We are desperate for a Tom Douglas location!!

  10. Rose Says:

    We love Seattle, and everything affiliated with Tom Douglas. We often head to Seattle from Vancouver for a weekend, and will defineatly check this out!

  11. Amber W Says:

    I just had a sample of four delectable cakes from Assembly Line… WOW THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!

  12. ShelleyL Says:


  13. Jon Thomson Says:

    Tried to eat at tanaka ….

  14. ShelleyL Says:

    Hello John, I tried to reply to you at the email that came through with your comment but it was undeliverable for some reason. Can you please get in touch with Alan Booth about your experience? His email is thank you

  15. DebbyA Says:

    There are many foodies over here on the eastside…and speaking for everyone I know that loves Tom, please come over the lake!

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