Tom Douglas’ Staff go Meatless on Mondays

Here’s a Kitchen Confidential style peek behind the scenes of our joints:  Chief Veggie Officer (CVO & CEO), Pamela Hinckley, has initiated Meatless Mondays for Tom Douglas staff.  Every Monday, “Family Meal” is meat-free! (No, we are not all going vegetarian…not that that’s a bad thing.)

“Family Meal” is a free meal that all of Tom Douglas restaurants (as well as many others in the restaurant industry) provide for the staff.  Served either before or after the restaurant opens for service, the meal is crafted using a combination of leftovers and creativity (how do you keep it cheap and delicious for that many people?).  Even though chefs find that staff meals can be difficult to create when crunched on time, it is appreciated by all as the only time the staff gets the chance to sit, eat, and relax, before or after a busy shift.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek on what your Tom Douglas staff is eating for Meatless Monday Family Meal!

Left to right, which restaurants served these family meals and which chefs and sous chefs created them: Top row: Palace Kitchen (Eric, sous chef), Cuoco (Jason, sous chef), Seatown/Etta’s/Rub Shack (Tommy P, Etta’s sous chef). Middle row: Dahlia Workshop (Dorothy, bread baker), Brave Horse Tavern (Chris, sous chef), Serious Pie’s (Tony C, exec. chef). Bottom row: Lola (Corey, sous chef), Dahlia Lounge (Alex, sous chef), Corporate office & Catering (Kerri, catering sous chef)

Meatless Mondays” is a global movement with 23 different countries participating.  See the list of all participating countries here! Chefs and restaurants, celebrities, and now even whole towns (e.g. Aspen, Colorado) are dedicated to cutting out meat (meat, poultry, fish) every Monday.
Through Meatless Monday staff meal, our hope is to begin the conversation on the impact meat has on our environment and our bodies. While many of us are meat-lovers, there is a desire to promote healthier living and create a more balanced plate—veggies aren’t just a side dish anymore!
For more information on why we went meatless on Mondays, check out the infographic we put up in every staff room:

Another great resource for understanding more about how meat plays a substantial role in the Good Food Movement comes from Jonathan Safran. Check out what he has to say in one of his lectures here.
And if you would like to try going Meatless one day per week, check out Herschell’s post each Friday for recipes and ideas!

April 30th, 2013

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  1. Chuck Says:

    That’s impressive that you’re embracing Meatless Mondays company-wide. One goal I’ve had is to prepare a meatless meal one day per week. With kids’ soccer, baseball, etc. it doesn’t typically fall on a Monday, but at least we’re making a goal of no meat one day per week. Our usual go-to meatless meal is pressure cooked risotto, mixed recently with spring veg, or something more mushroomy in the fall, paired with a simple green salad and bread.

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