Tom’s Letter

Thinking About Salmon/ by Tom Douglas
I believe that we are facing one of the most critical environmental debates of our times– the decision whether to let Pebble Mine open in the Bristol Bay, Alaska, watershed or to preserve one of the last great remaining salmon fisheries on earth. This crucial debate is being framed as we speak by the Obama administration and the EPA. Your House and Senate representatives need to hear from you now. As a local chef, business owner, and consumer, I implore you to learn more about this debate, ask questions, form opinions, and get active.

Wild salmon are at the core of our identity and culture here in the Pacific Northwest. They have shaped our communities and the economy, they have inspired our region’s cuisine. Bristol Bay salmon not only feed us with their healthy, delicious protein here in Seattle, but they are also a life-source for the people who harvest them. Pebble Mine would be the largest open pit mine on the planet by twofold. Billions of gallons of poisonous waste would be housed in tailing ponds, precipitously perched above a fault line for a minimum of 10,000 years. Just one earthquake at the strength of the recently experienced Fukushima could mean the end of wild salmon forever. The only way to understand both sides of this debate is to get educated on the topic.

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(editor’s note: Tom photo- credit Ed Anderson/ Salmon photo- credit Bruce Miyahara)

October 3rd, 2012

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