Guess what I found in the Dahlia Bakery case/ by Shelley Lance, Blog Editor

Ting Momo is alive and well here in the Dahlia Bakery! You can get a to-go pack of momos with sauce and chickpea salad!  The momos are ready to steam at home and eat.  The two flavors available today are beef & bacon and eggplant.  (Executive Chef ET just told me the other day that the new beef & bacon momo is amazing. Must try it! I’m already crazy about the eggplant.)

Some of you may know that what used to be the brick and mortar Ting Momo restaurant behind Brave Horse Tavern will morph into the Tack Room, an extension of the Tavern.  Dekyi has moved to a  production kitchen at Dahlia.  Another place you can find our Tibetan chef Dekyi’s lovingly hand-pinched dumplings is the Ting Momo plate on Dahlia’s lunch menu.  Also check out Dahlia’s pinch bun plate available at Happy Hour.

We want our customers to have more access to momo, so we are in the process of outfitting a very cute truck for service around the city and will have a schedule soon.

August 16th, 2012

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