Food in the News/ by Shelley Lance, blog editor

Tooting our own horn:

Way to go, Pie! Serious Pie (there are two- Virginia and Westlake) makes it on the Slice list for the “8 Best Pizzas in the Pacific Northwest” on Serious Eats.

96,000 pretzels and counting….Team Brave Horse gives a  great interview on Eater Seattle.

More news:

Look for asparagus prices to  jump as reported by  Oregon Some Eastern Washington asparagus growers plan to plow up part of their fields to plant other crops.  Despite the grower’s market and high prices for the consumer, asparagus is a work-intensive crop, and farm labor is more difficult to come by these days.

Many have reported on the flap over the California ban on foie gras, but the most thoughtful piece we’ve found (called “The R spot” for self “R”ighteous moralistic indignation) is this one by Mark Pastore from the SF restaurant Incanto’s website.

Autumn Martin’s new joint, Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery, is reported by Voracious to be opening in Ballard this month.  Molten chocolate cakes in mason jars and boozy milkshakes!  Can’t wait!

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Joy of Cooking now has an online site! Check it out!  (I met John Becker, great grandson of Irma Rombauer, at the SFA Symposium last October and he told me he was working on this.)

Do you ever cook when you’re angry? Check out this intriguing piece of food writing, “Angry Breakfast Eggs,” from Poor Man’s Feast.


May 2nd, 2012

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