Food in the News/ by Shelley Lance, Blog Editor

The Seattle Food News edition:

Tom Douglas spilled the garbanzo beans on Tom and Thierry’s radio show last Sunday about tentative still-in-the-works  plans for a falafel joint adjacent to the Paramount Theater, and Allison Scheff of Seattle Magazine’s swiftly picked up the news,  followed by a post by Allecia Vermillion in  Seattle Metropolitan Magazine’s Nosh Pit.

Our upcoming Tom Douglas Summer Camp made it into the Huffington Post!!  Quite a compliment that Tom’s name is mentioned in the same sentence as the late great James Beard, with James Beard being credited as the grand-daddy of Pacific Northwest food and Tom as the “modern father!”

Seattle’s popoular Molly Moon has a brand new ice cream book out, as reported by Rebekah Denn on All You Can Eat.

Sad news for Seattle.  Two iconic restaurants are closing.  Chez Shea in the Pike Place Market will shutter its doors, again reported by Rebekah Denn.   Le Gourmand is also closing, though it has been given a bit of a reprieve and will remain open until June 30 as reported by The Stranger.

April 24th, 2012

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