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Alright, folks, we want to hear from you!  You may have heard that the Dahlia Bakery Cookbook is due out in Fall 2012, and guess who we would like to feature? That’s right: YOU, our loyal customers! (and that includes our loyal staff!)

Do you have a favorite memory of the coconut cream pie? Maybe the first time you laid eyes on it?  The 10th time you gave it to your mom for her birthday? Bringing it to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving?  Or maybe just sneaking a pie bite at the bakery every Friday?  We want to know what place the coco pie holds in your heart… please add your pie story as a comment here.

Thank you for sharing twenty years of coconutty indulgence with us!!

(Photo courtesy of Jerad Knudson)


January 27th, 2012

8 Responses to “Tell us your coconut cream pie story!”

  1. Christie Johansen Says:

    I moved to Seattle from Anchorage four and a half years ago with a recommendation from an Anchorage restauranteur to try Dahlia Lounge. I didn’t end up making a reservation until 11 month later to celebrate my first Seattle birthday. I had coconut cream pie on that birthday, and have every birthday since.

    I bought a Tom Douglas cookbook last year and started making the pie at home for fun, but it’s not the same!

  2. Catherine Shutty Says:

    We like to tell people that Tom Douglas cuisine is very important to our relationship. It’s often found at the center of special occasions, like our first date in the city, to a warm June afternoon when we started planning our wedding. Kevin and I had appointments to meet with vendors, but scheduled lunch for ourselves first. Maybe it was to do some last minute day dreaming, but it was most likely to stand in Dahlia’s bakery and breathe in the deliciousness that hangs in the air. And, it was definitely to have an opportunity to try the Coconut Cream Pie in mini form. We had shared a slice, sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, together that New Year’s Eve, and now we were sitting in front of the bakery, lunch in cardboard boxes with checkered linings, eager to finish our sandwiches so we could have dessert. The sun was shining, we were laughing, giddy off of our engagement and the possibilities of the future, trying to decide who had the better lunch and if we should come back after our appointments to get more mini pies to take back home.

    But, I was mostly thinking about the way that time flies and how things always work out. Here, we sat in front of the bakery, and it was just a few years ago that I sat inside Dahlia’s restaurant with my mom and grandma. “I have found someone new,” I told them, “his name is Kevin.” How they flew their hands up in the air with excitement, how we had tried the pie for the first time that day, and how perfectly things were starting to come together, I couldn’t get those images out of my mind. So, while we ate our sandwiches and mini coconut pies that day, I often found myself looking over my shoulder, to the patrons inside the restaurant, and smiled.

    Later that afternoon, disappointed with the reception sites that we had viewed, we walked by Palace Ballroom. We peered in the front windows, and then looked at each other. The next year, we were surrounded by friends and family, as we entered that room introduced as husband and wife.

    And, sure, we had wedding cake. But what everyone remembers most are those coconut cream bites that accompanied the cake. They were little reminders of how far we had come.

  3. Gracie Doyle Says:

    The first time I tried Tom’s coconut cream pie was shortly after I moved to Seattle six years ago. My coworker Ragan had won a pie while working at an event and kindly brought me a huge chunk to share. I’ll never forget that first bite of creamy coconut and white chocolate deliciousness. It was heaven on a fork, and that massive piece did not last long!

    Fast forward a few years. On my first date with C., we discussed our favorite local restaurants and foods. Turns out, Tom’s pie was high on both our lists. On our second date, he brought me a personal sized pie. A few months later, he found the recipe in Tom’s Seattle Kitchen cookbook and made one for me from scratch one night, just because. By that point, I already knew it was love, but that pie helped seal the deal.

    Since then, we’ve ended many happy nights bellied up to the bar at the Dahlia, sharing a piece of coconut cream pie and drinking Moscato – an inspired pairing. We’ve packed pies into coolers to take along on mountain ski trips and weekends at the beach, and we’ve carted boxes of pie bites onto planes to share with our less fortunate friends and family in other cities. When my mom comes to visit from the Bay Area, Tom’s coconut cream pie is high on her list of treats to enjoy.

    There’s something so comforting about that toothsome crust, the creamy custard, and pillowy whipped cream. It’s perfect any time. To me, it tastes like love.

  4. Tambi Says:

    The first time I tried the coconut cream pie was approximately 12 years ago at the
    Dahlia Lounge. I fell in love! My husband surprised me on my birthday one year
    and brought a whole pie home for dessert. It is the only dessert I order when I visit a Tom
    Douglas restaurant. I always have to have my picture
    taken with a slice of the pie too. I would love to share my pictures with you!

  5. Katie Says:

    While waiting in the packed Dahlia Bakery to order a few holiday treats to share with my Tom Douglas-less friends in Colorado I noticed a little sign that read something similar to “Free Coconut Cream Pie bites if you share a Christmas Carol with us”. No one ahead of me in line had made a peep so once I got to the head of the line I asked the nice people behind the counter if they were serious – Free. Pie. Bite? and only for a few moments of embarrassment? I dove right into Jingle Bell Rock and then later my Pie Bite. I still can’t understand who could resist such a tempting offer.

  6. hilary Says:

    Did you know that the Dahlia Bakery Cookbook is already on Amazon for pre-order?

  7. Tina Says:

    My favorite part of this city has been watching it evolve over the past 51 years I have been living here , and watching Tom Douglas grow and be such a huge part of my entertainment and love of food ! I remember the first time that my taste buds experienced Dahlia’s ‘Coconut Cream Pie ” it was love at first bite and to be truthful it’s one food group that will remain on my top “5 list ” .
    I can remember back in the early days of Mr Douglas’s days that every year for my Birthday I would receive a free piece of pie for my Birthday , what a wonderful day for me ( Coconut pie ) .
    I have given this pie to friends for Birthday’s, Parties , Hostess gifts and desserts and it’s the only Pie in this city that deserves the recognition of excellence !
    This year I also had the experience of singing for a ” Coconut Bite ” at Holiday time and those poor girls had to listen to me sing ‘ Hear comes Santa Clause ” I got that bite and enjoyed every morsel ! My other favorite memory of Tom’s Pie is on my 40th Birthday
    I threw myself a little bash and served up around 10 different desserts ( cakes , etc ) from the bakery and at the end of the night my friend and I were cleaning up and we found the rest of that Coconut Pie and sat on the stairs and ate it with our hands. Now that is something i wouldn’t admit to anyone but it sure was tasty !

  8. Joe Pangia Says:

    My Wife, then girlfriend, was going to school at SU. I would visit often and everytime I was in town, I would have to purchase a whole pie. the Dahlia Lounge was one of the first restaurants we went to in Seattle and fell in love with it there. On one of my visit’s, I went into the bakery to purchase a pie. The women who helped me asked what the special occasion was and I replied, “I’m in town!” She laughed as did I. Can’t wait to get my next slice!!! or Pie!!

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