Why our pizza dough is so awesome/ by Pamela Hinckley, TDR CEO

Last Sunday morning, Baker Darren Morrey conducted a dough class for the Serious Pie team on the particulars of our marvelous crust.  Here are the basics:

1. Longer fermentation- an average of 24 hours, a journey that begins with a pre-ferment starter with a pizza poolish, a second fermentation booster of a biga, mixing, and then resting overnight in the walk in.  More fermentation time gives extra flavor and structure to the final dough.

2. Super wet dough, 100% hydration, equal parts flour and water- makes our dough soft instead of stiff.

3. Less yeast necessary because longer fermentation.

Bread Baker’s Glossary:

Biga: a small piece of yesterday’s dough is mixed with additional flour and water. This step enhances flavor.

Poolish: a batter-like yeast-raised starter which is allowed to ferment 16 to 24 hours.

June 2nd, 2010

7 Responses to “Why our pizza dough is so awesome/ by Pamela Hinckley, TDR CEO”

  1. bruce Says:

    Ah… the secrets are finally coming out 🙂

  2. Chuck Says:

    Yes, Bruce! The quest for the perfect pizza dough continues…

  3. Chuck Says:

    The perfect dough being, of course, Serious Pie!

  4. Robyn Says:

    Bruce, I have great expections for your pizza this Wednesday!
    This may be your answer as to what you’ll be doing once you retire,
    Older than I-5 Pizzaria!!! I know I’d be there on a regular basis!!!

  5. Kevin Says:

    OK. I make a pretty awesome pie myself but I am not and never have been a baker. I am ready to stop buying my pizza dough and would like your recommendations for a few dfferent recipes
    I can try. Thanks!

  6. ShelleyL Says:

    You could try the pizza dough recipes in Peter Reinhardt’s recent book, Artisan Bread Every Day. I haven’t tried these recipes myself, but Reinhardt is very well regarded as a bread baker and the recipes looked good to me when I thumbed through the book.

  7. Peter Says:

    Is the entire dough at a hydration of 100% or only the poolish?


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