Vancouver BC Farm Raised Scallops by Sean Hartley, Palace Kitchen Chef

Delicious? healthy? local? not bad for the environment?

There must be a catch, yet the Vancouver BC farm raised scallops are all that. I’ve recently discovered them from Taylor Shellfish, a 100 year old company based in Shelton, Washington, which imports these scallops from our neighbors to the north.

These beauties come in the shell, if you wish, with all the delicious innards intact.  I’ve been serving them sliced raw, simply dressed. They are very fresh, firm, and not at all “fishy.”  That’s the beauty of locally farm raised sea foods.  The catch doesn’t spend days on a boat and then more days in the supply chain.  Harvested when needed, they arrive still moving.  I can’t quite  stop picturing their 50 little eyes watching me as I reach for my knife…..

Ninety six percent of the world’s scallops (ie. wild scallops) are dredged from the sea floor, wiping out whatever happens to be nearby.  Farmed scallops, on the other hand, are cultivated in a similar fashion to mussels.  Because they filter the local plankton for food, they do not have the problems associated with farmed salmon feed.   Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch gives the farmed scallops its “best choice” rating.  Finally, something to savor guilt free!

March 3rd, 2009

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